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Solar Film


What are solar films?

The sun’s glare can be annoying, and when moving isn’t an option, such as sitting at your desk when you’re in the office, it can be insufferable. Not only that, the heat can impact your productivity and mood. So, a solar film is a window film that blocks UV rays that may put your health at risk. Living in a tropical country like Singapore, the heat and sun’s glare can be a problem we have to deal with daily, so why not get some solar film and give yourself some much-deserved comfort?

Block out heat and UV rays, on top of added privacy during the day, as with our added reflectiveness on the exterior, no more curious looks at to you and your family or colleagues from the outside. Save time cooling a room with our solar films, as they prevent heat from entering your home. 

We also protect your home with it as UV can also cause discolouration in the floor or furniture, and that’s not a pretty sight for you or your guests. Save yourself from the heartache now, and don’t worry about the costs, our solar films are as affordable, as they are top notch, and you can get a free on-site quotation!

Why should you choose De Grilles’s solar film?

Suitable for tropical countries

We specially designed our solar film for tropical countries with blisteringly hot weather. It can effectively block 99% of UV rays and keep you and your family, or co-workers, from being exposed to health risks. Heat can also be reduced, so it can create a more comfortable environment.

Reduce electricity usage

Turning the air conditioner on 24 hours, and some may even turn it to full blast to beat the heat. This will undoubtedly lead to sky-high electricity bills. Instead of having to tighten your belt, why not reduce the amount, as our solar film can block out heat, leading to a cooler environment?

10 years of warranty

Your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we have an extensive warranty. We provide 10 years of warranty, and we cover bubbling, shrinking, delamination and discoloration. Just drop us a call when these issues pop up, and we will get right to it.

No subcontracting

Only the best quality materials go into our films, for your satisfaction is our top priority! Absolutely no sub-contracting in our company, from manufacturing to installing everything is done in-house, to ensure you only get the best out of our service.

Complement your home or office’s aesthetics

You also don’t have to fear for the look of your room, as we made them with complementing the homes and offices of our customers in mind. Modern and beautiful, it is truly a gem amongst all other brands.

Improved privacy

Having a staring match with strangers looking into your window isn’t pleasant. With our added reflectiveness on the exterior, there will be no more curious stares at you and your family or colleagues from the outside.

Pleasant experience with our staff

Our installers are certified and will ensure your satisfaction as you watch your windows fitted with our solar films. Our salespersons have your best interest in mind and can recommend the best option for you based on what you need.

What makes up our solar film?

Our solar film isn’t flimsy by any means and the effort and quality materials that go into it are what truly sets us apart from other brands. From our pride in our product, let’s take a look at what goes into it:

  • UV Enhanced PS adhesive
  • UV Enhanced clear/dyed PET
  • Laminating adhesive
  • Multi-layer Sputter PET
  • Patented Scratch Resistant Coating

Towards a better life for our clients, we truly source only the best materials for your comfort,

Why are UV rays so dangerous?

We have repeatedly insisted on our solar film being able to block out UV rays, but what is so dangerous about it, and what are the damage it can do?

To furniture and floorboards

Furniture can undergo discoloration if exposed to too much UV rays from the sun. If you have several pieces of treasured heirlooms, then it is important for you to protect them from damage. Even your floorboards can be affected, and it won’t be a pretty sight, as well as, cost a small fortune to replace.

To us, human beings

UV rays can cause premature ageing, and sunburn and they aren’t desirable as they may need a trip to the doctor or beautician. However, overexposure to it can lead to a higher risk of skin cancer, along with other serious health issues.


Save yourself the heartache and invest in De Grille’s excellent solar film!


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